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Useful Information for Your First Rehearsal


  • We are not required to be able to read music.  Our director works with us on sight-reading since many members don't read music or have forgotten whatever music they learned years ago in school.  

  • We make available "guidance tracks" which presently has our director recording all parts of a song. 

  • At the first rehearsal you attend, our director and one other chorus member will listen to and evaluate each new singer in private, determining their range and appropriate section, and evaluate their experience singing with a chorus and willingness to work and play well with others. 

  • We are concerned for the health and safety of our members. Follow this link for our Health Protocols.


  • The chorus supplies us with all the music we will need, and it will be mostly new to all of us during the first rehearsals. In the Fall we will be rehearsing for the Winter (Holiday) concert, and in January we start to rehearse for our Spring Concert. A few of our members prefer to work with sheet music on a tablet. One of our members has been scanning them and making them available for others. (For that limited use only.)

  • Once a singer has decided to join, there are dues.  The dues are $10 per month (we pay for only 10 months of the year since we take July and August off).  However, we do have scholarships for people who cannot pay that amount.  We do not ever let money get in the way of someone joining us.  That is not what our group is about.

  • We have a board of directors, made up of singers and members of the community. At meetings, the board sets dates for concerts, plans for publicity, strategizes recruitment of new members, and decides policy issues.  The board also oversees the finances of the organization.  Board members can be singing or non-singing members. We are hoping to have many more non-singing board members in the future.  It would take the burden off singers if people who are interested in our mission were on the board and could manage finances, securing venues, selling tickets, marketing etc.  That is the goal for the future. Anyone is welcome to attend.

  • We rehearse at  Plymouth Church UCC. The address is 2717 E. Hampshire St., Milwaukee, WI 53211.  It is a nice setting for our rehearsals.  We usually rehearse in the sanctuary. Street Parking is usually available that time of night within a block walk to the church. Rehearsals generally begin at 6 p.m. but feel free to come a little earlier.  As the rehearsal season gets further underway there may be weekly rehearsals for different sections (i.e. tenors, baritones, etc.).  

  • For our Holiday concert, you will need to provide your own black tuxedo, it can be rented or used and we will help you find an affordable option.  At our Spring concert and other performances, we typically wear a logo shirt or t-shirt which can be purchased through the chorus. 

  • Rehearsal is hard work, but also fun! In order to learn the music and be well prepared for performances, we keep focused during rehearsals without too much chattering among ourselves or using a cell phone. You will find we are very social during the break and after rehearsal. We try to create harmony in our music and in our interactions with one another.


Questions? Contact us at OurVoiceMKE@gmail.com